Welcome to the official website for the HAWAII BOA ARTS BALL PAGEANT, a combination of three titles that began in 1991.  First, the title of Closet Queen was established for amateur female impersonators that have not yet competed in any pageant.  Secondly, the title of Golden Goddess was designed for the accomplished entertainer who reached the age of 50 years or better, regardless of how many other titles she may have accumulated.  Finally, there is the prestigious title of Queen Of Queens whose rich legacy extends back some five decades.  The transformative beauty from male to female keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, as the contestants collide for the title of Closet Queen; while it is the seasoned cleverness and gracefulness of the Golden Goddess competitors that stir onlookers.  Not to be outdone, the contenders for the Queen Of Queens title showcase beauty, charm, elegance, and grace as the Queen Of Queens is the highlight of Hawaii Boa Arts Ball each year.  Join us in 2019 for the crowning of our new court at Manoa Grand Ballroom. 
2019 Contestant Packets will available in February.